European Society of Protective Clothing

10th European Conference on Protective Clothing

May 9-12, 2023

The Netherlands | 2023
Organizing institute: Institute for Safety (IFV)

We hope to organize it as a physical meeting but we are prepared for online option, too. We plan for a 4­-day event with the Firefighter Theme Day starting in the afternoon of the 3rd day and lasting until the end of the last day. The location will be at the institute's headquarters (Kemperbergerweg 783, 6816 RW Arnhem). The conference information is already available at the conference webpage. Additional information on location, travel and hotels can be found in the updated introductory presentation that was given at the last conference: ECPC2023_IFV.

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The institute is re-organizing. From the next year it will be named the Netherlands Institute for Public Safety (Nederlands Instituut Publieke Veiligheid, NIPV). That means that by the end of the year all the given links will be updated.

We are already looking for the sponsors for the coming conference (contact: kennisevents[at]

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